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Founded in 2022 by Fabian Wagner, our company is driven by a singular objective: Consolidate crucial tools into a comprehensive intranet, empowering businesses to enhance their daily operations through custom-coded software solutions. With this goal in mind Nukleux was born.
Blax Founder Fabian Wagner

Clear goals for this company ...

Blax aims to be modern by learning from the failures of other companies and embracing the best practices from emerging trends.

In a world full of weak work performance, we at Blax strive to redefine excellence. Our commitment is to set new standards, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Some success stories ...

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App: WooCommerce Product Configurator

An ice cream configurator allowing customers to assemble a bucket with up to four different or identical ice cream flavors and the option for custom labeling with personalized designs.

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Plugin: Drive Tracking for a Taxi Company

A concise table outlining driven routes, encompassing gross income, tracked working hours per driver, and diverse attributes for streamlined insights.

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Plugin: WooCommerce Search Agent

Users can register a search agent to receive notifications whenever a new product matching specified conditions was added.

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Consulting: Hacked WordPress Instanzes

Blax successfully remediated multiple hacked WordPress instances infected with malicious viruses. The customer has been provided with a detailed report of the situation and a clean website free from malicious code.